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Mon May 1 03:13:53 2006 | Prev | Next

Gretchen has tagged me. (Despite not being a "Talent Blogger", I do more recruiting and interviewing today than I have before. Of course I dont blog about it, but thats more because I cant.)

Here are my answers...

1. Four Jobs I`ve Had: (before my current job)

- Drug Store Remodeler
- Computer Technician / Consultant
- Student Computer Technician / Software Developer
- QA Engineer

2. Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over

- Any Bond movie
- Monty Python and the holy grail
- Dune
- Real Genius

3. Four TV Shows I Love to Watch:

- 24
- Law and Order
- West Wing

(Though my favorite show for the longest time was always Sports Night. But anything by Aaron Sorkin will do. :))

4. Four Places I`ve Been on Vacation:

- Otter Tail Lake, MN
- Bretton Woods, NH
- Destin, FL
- Shasta Lake (I think I know where the photo on their site was taken.)

5. Four Favorite Dishes:

- BBQ Pulled Pork
- Sweet Cornbread
- Sourcream Coffee Cake
- Peanut Butter / Rice Krispies / Fudge & Ice Cream Pie

6. Four Places I`d Rather Be:

(Places I want to visit next)
- Alaska
- Hawaii
- French Alps
- New Mexico, Arkansas, Michigan, Virginia, Delaware, and Connecticut

7. Four Bloggers I`m Tagging:

- Mike
- Anne
- Riley (Maybe he will start writing something. ;))
- Mini (HA, just for the hell of it.)

...well Its late, and got to wake up early. So while there is plenty to discuss, I must be going.


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